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2022 Engagements

 “Trekking Mexico ”

Join members of Mexico Beyond Mariachi exploring Folk dance, Folk Music and Folk Tales from our neighbor country to the South, Mexico.

Stories, legend, Music, Dance, sing along, Arts and Crafts, this are some fun elements we will explore together!

When?  Where?

 July 1st and 8th at the Bethune Senior Center 

1970 Amsterdam Av Ny, NY 10032   

11:30am – 12:30

 July 6th at the Cothoa Luncheon Senior Center        

2005 Amsterdam Av.  2nd floor NY, NY, 10032 

11:30am -12:30

April 1 & 2
Trekking Mexico
Montgomery Community College

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

March 29

Trekking Mexico

Satellite Academy

Manhattan, NY

February 10

Virtual Trekking Mexico


Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

February 1 & 2
Trekking Mexico
Embassy Theatre

Fort Wayne, Indiana


October 26

Trekking Mexico
Morrison Center

Boise, ID

October 24

Day of the Dead Festival

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts

Katonah, NY

Upcoming Engagements: Text
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