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In School Arts-In-Education Performances


In-School Performances and Lecture Demonstrations

We’ve taken the best of our pedagogic practice as teaching artists to build performances that are informative, transformative and fun. The use of etymology, cultural similarity, and making connections to common habits are some of the methods we use to bring audiences along for the ride. We have carefully created our shows to maximize the educational content while keeping in mind that kids also want to have fun while they learn.

A typical concert brings students on a 2000 year journey that begins in the fascinating world of Mesoamerican civilization. Continuing chronologically, we illustrate through music, dance, and storytelling how time, geography, climate, and foreign influences have affected folk traditions to the present day. The show represents the folk traditions of Mexico as an intelligent and vital part of American history and culture.

What to expect:

  • All live music and dance

  • Unique pre-colonial instruments

  • Colorful costumes

  • Important historical facts

  • Audience participation

  • Informed artists specifically prepared to interact with diverse student populations


Workshops & Residencies

Our artists aren't only wonderful performers, but also talented teachers. 

If you are looking for a more in-depth experience, you can bring one of our artists into your school to teach Mexican dance in a 3-10 day residency.  This will enhance your student's comprehension and appreciation of Mexican culture.  Longer residencies end in a culminating performance where Mexico Beyond Mariachi provides students with costumes and props to complement the show. Project outlines are available with goals and objectives for each day of the residency. As teaching artists, we have years of experience working with classes ranging in size from 5-25, making each student feel like a professional performing artist.

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